Over 16 years of development in the field of hot vulcanized rubber, accumulated rich experience, more than 10 solid silicone invention and utility model patents, continuous breakthrough in the design and processing technology of multi-cavity molds.


Equipped with world-class machining equipment and optical processing technology, it can realize micron-scale precision mold manufacturing to ensure high-precision solid silicone mold.

Using high-precision processing equipment, we can achieve high-precision products with a minimum of 0.05mm, a minimum thickness of 0.3mm, and a product length tolerance of ±2%.


We can make up to 600-hole molds with a capacity of 800K per day. In the development and manufacture of multi-material products, we use multi-material injection molding, plastic, metal, plastic, glass, ceramic and other composite materials, and FPC, line , packaged molding chips and other electronic components, with waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, functional combination.