After years of accumulated experiences, we concluded the mature and highly efficient project management processes. We ensure our customers'project can be followed up efficiently on delivery & quality aspects and get ?succeed with effort from project manager,sales manager and quality manager.


ForBetter applied ERP system for inner management since its establishment. Armed with ERP, we could monitor the production processing status timely. ERPsystem will give a warning to the in-charge person immediately by sending email if any phase couldn't meet the project schedule in advance, which enable responsible person to solve the problem at first time. It is crucial for project management system. 


ForBetter invested heavily in the training and development of its employees. We have our own training facilities, which regularly be used for internal training courses. The new recruits and existing staff are required to take different training courses, for which enables us to develop our staff with minimal disruption to the manufacturing process and offer a highly skilled workforce capable of even the most technically demanding mold making and molding work.