We have continuously made breakthroughs in the LSR mold's burr-free, water-free, cold runner, heat insulation, special coating technology, and large mold surface, multi-hole mold design and processing technology for LSR molds. Obtain a number of invention and utility model patents.


LSR precision in-mold forming technology combines precision mold design and manufacturing, high-precision LSR injection molding system, feeding system and high-precision optical test system to ensure product quality and stability.

Equipped with the world's top mechanical processing equipment, combined with a variety of mold processing technology, we achieve micron-level processing level in mold manufacturing, perfect solution to the accuracy requirements of liquid silicone material for mold matching; combined with ARBURG, SODIC, ENGEL, etc. Equipment, we can produce ultra-precision liquid silicone products as light as 0.02g and as thin as 0.05mm.


We can do up to 128-hole molds with a capacity of 550K per day. In the development and manufacture of liquid silicone multi-material products, we have successfully developed a variety of product manufacturing methods using two-shot, OM and other molding methods, including plastic + liquid silicone, liquid silicone + liquid silicone, liquid silicone + liquid silicone + cable And chip, liquid silicone + metal + plastic, and has a wealth of experience in the manufacturing technology of self-adhesive liquid silicone products.

LSR technology has been applied to more and more products to play an increasingly important role in LSR in the field of sealing and medical equipment. In order to meet the requirements of customers, we have established a 100,000-class GMP standard clean room to provide customers with higher quality products and services.